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ESAblawg is an educational effort by Keith W. Rizzardi. Correspondence with this site does not create a lawyer-client relationship. Photos or links may be copyrighted (but used with permission, or as fair use). ESA blawg is published with a Creative Commons License.

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florida gators... never threatened!

If you ain't a Gator, you should be! Alligators (and endangered crocs) are important indicator species atop their food chains, with sensitivity to pollution and pesticides akin to humans. See ESA blawg. Gator blood could be our pharmaceutical future, too. See ESA musing.


Follow the truth.

"This institution will be based on the illimitable freedom of the human mind. For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it." -- Thomas Jefferson to William Roscoe, December 27, 1820.


Thanks, Kevin.

KEVIN S. PETTITT helped found this blawg. A D.C.-based IT consultant specializing in Lotus Notes & Domino, he also maintains Lotus Guru blog.

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Wolves, Altantic Sturgeon & more from @ESAlawyer (Jan-Feb 2012)

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Maine: court says suit re: salmon take continues vs. dam operators

DDC court rejects special National Fire Plan Sec. 7 consultation regulations: no proof of need, current process works

Scholars: Craig, disaster, ecosystem resilience & inadequate remedy 2011 BYU L.Rev 1863; Lloyd, Citizen Suits & Defense ST038 ALI-ABA 627

2012 WL 278712: LandWatch, NPC in Ore sues FWS for approving Eugene to Veneta water supply pipeline; harm to listed plants, butterflies

ALJ says Farmton Local Plan, Volusia County, improves black bear protection consistent with law, prevents listing. 2012 WL 256233 (Fla.DOAH)

Earthjustice sues NMFS over approval of Navy sonar training in Pacific waters.

New lawsuit sprouting on loss of marbled murrelet habitat due to Oregon old growth logging

Court ok w/Alaskan fishing limits for Stellers sea lion PacNW chinook salmon limits coming soon

Recovery: Can ESA Go Beyond Mere Salvage? 42 Envtl. L. Rep. News & Analysis 10017; Salmon: Dam Preservation Under the ESA, 41 Envtl. L. 1363


FWS: SuppDraft EIS for Tehachapi Upland MultiSpecies HCP The plan for condors at Tejon Ranch, CA

FWS may list San Bernardino flying squirrel b/c feral cats & climate change (lost conifer & black-oak forest habitat)

FWS: Polar bear interim rule reissued, NEPA ongoing. No ESA take violation if complying with CITES & MMPA.

FWS says listing Hawaiian 'i'iwi may be warranted due to habitat loss, nonnative animals, avian disease, climate change


More Atlantic sturgeon: NOAA says Gulf of Maine DPS threatened, New York Bight & Chesapeake Bay DPSs endangered

NOAA says habitat, dams, dredging, H2o quality endanger Carolina, So. Atlantic distinct population segments of sturgeon

NMFS: 5-yr sei whale review underway. Consultation on incidental take for geophys survey, too.

NOAA revises leatherback sea turtle critical habitat in Pacific. 41914 sq.mi, 262 ft deep. Focus on jellyfish prey.


On animal cruelty: new egg farming leg hold trapping movie molds wolf image

Choice of safety or species? Cal. Dept. Fish & Game sues U.S. Army Corps over post-Katrina tree ban on levees

Why the ESA? So we protect wildlife & learn stuff like this: fluid dynamics of shark skin denticles add thrust.

Big thought: will we find new life forms in subglacial lakes not touched in 25 million years?

Listing Mazama pocket gopher may affect urban density in WA Mixed review of prairie dog management

Cape Hatteras ORV rule protects seabirds La. state law limits enforcing shrimp net turtle device

FEMA wildfire clean up still protecting Houston toad Listed CA frogs vs trout stocking for anglers

6500 acres, 100 Miss. gopher frogs, 1 crusading landowner. NoLa & AP: & &

ESA in Delaware: UDel plant database (lotsa rare flora) & endangered listing for Atlantic sturgeon

ESA in Okla: leaders fear impact on energy industry & say voluntary efforts should avoid listing Lesser Prairie Chicken

Need an American Red Cross for wildlife: Mil-Wis Journal on whooping cranes & threat of TX drought on recovery effort.

Can't win in Canada: ESA requires best available info, but scientist says dorsal fin satellite tags may harm orcas.

Another ESA conflict: trail closures upset dog-owning AZ hikers; land managers say dogs scare listed bighorn sheep

Sierra Sun summary on grizzly bear litigation Seattle Times on leatherback critical habitat


Santorum says ESA prevents timber harvest and climate change a hoax

House Nat.Res. proposes oil drilling in 3% ANWR. Polar bear debate coming. &

Markey (D-Mass) dislikes significant portion of range policy, says too high a threshold for endangered species.

Revealing op-ed on lobbying to ignore science. U.S. Senator says ESA reform not (yet?) in works.


Chicago Op-Ed

Wisc. Op-Ed

MN rancher opinion: hunt flawed

Wolf: NM suit to stop hunt

WY wants to start hunt

Mich says delist=victory